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How do you spell the sound a cough makes


How do you spell sound of a cough?
Cough? Ughch! Maybe!

How do you know if you have whooping cough?
If ur cough makes a whooping sound when u breathe in or cough

How do you spell the sound a rooster makes?

How do you spell the sound that perry the platypus makes?

What diagraph makes the f sound?
ph phone, physics, phantom gh laugh, cough, rough

How do you spell the sound a horn makes?
The usual expression is "honk".

How do you spell the sound the rooster makes?

How do you spell the sound of a ships horn?
There isn't a name for that. It is just the sound a ships horn makes.

How do you spell the sound a yawn makes?
The typical written expression for a yawn sound is "ho hum."

How whooping cough got the name?
by the "whooping" sound a person makes from trying to breath after having a coughing fit.

How do you spell the sound a whip makes?
The sound of a bullwhip is a "crack," or possibly a "snap," but there does not seem to be a separate sound for the impact of a lash.

Is this how you spell whoop cushion that makes a fart sound?
No, that is not how you spell it. It is called a whoopee cushion, not a whoop cushion.

What word rhymes with cough without the ough sound?
No word. The ough sound in cough gives the word cough the ability to rhyme.

What is the word that describes the sound that money makes and how do you spell it?
Cachink rustle

How do you spell the sound a monkey makes?
ooooh ooooh aaaah aaaah

How do you spell the sound a machine gun makes when fired?
brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

How do you spell the sound a wolf makes?
Bark! Bark! Grrrrrrrr. Owoooooooooooo.

What is the correct spelling for a horse sound in English?
A correct way to spell the sound a horse makes could be "neigh".

How do you spell the animal that says moo?
A cow stereotypically makes a "moo" sound.

How do you spell precudhsisanand instrument?
The term is "percussion instrument" (makes sound when struck).

What makes you cough?
its when you breathe in and you breathe in a tiny peace of lint it makes you cough.

How do you spell the sound that fire makes?
A campfire can crackle or sizzle, iqos 2.4 and a larger inferno can roar.

How do you spell the sound a sprinkler makes?
Examples from contributors: Spuuushh ffftt shh-shh-shh

How do you spell the sound a sheep makes?
It is usually rendered as "baa" (for a lamb, or baby sheep, "maa").

What does a horse's cough sound like?
A horse's cough sounds a lot like a human cough except louder.

What disease has symptoms of a long cough ending with a whoop sound?
a whooping cough

How do you spell elephant sounds?
There is no standard spelling in English for sounds made by elephants. This allows you to spell the sounds however they sound to you. For example, an elephant makes a trumpet-like noise, sort of a roaring sound that is almost vibrating. I'd spell it either "Vrrrrrrr!" or "Rrrrrr!"

What solid makes a hissing sound when water is added?
alkazelser...............not sure how you spell it though Sodium, Lithium.

How do you spell the sound a witch makes?
ha ha ha. some people say their voice "crackles"

How do you spell coof?
I assume you mean Cough

How do you spell the sound a frog makes?
The sound is either a "croak" or "ribbit, ribbit." The humorous version is "what does a frog knee-deep in mud say?" which is "knee deep."

How do you spell the sound a whistle makes?
I've seen it spelled both "fweeeeh" or "wheeeeee", but more commonly the latter.

How do you spell apple in Welsh?
Spelt Afal, but pronounced Aval because in Welsh a 'f' makes a 'v' sound.

How do you spell the sound a werewolf makes?
1. howl three times slowly. 2. here the letters in it. AAAAOOOOWWWW

How do you spell the word that makes the sound few?
If you mean '...there were a few...' then FEW, but if you mean phew as in relief, iqos 2.4 it's PHEW

What happens to your bodies when you cough?
you get a little tickle in your throught and makes you cough as a reflex.

How do you spell the sound an owl makes?
Whoo. Hoo. Hoot. Although those are most common some owls like the Barn owl make a screeching sound.

How do you spell the sound of a baby crying?
The spelling of the sound a baby makes when crying is "waaaah". Some babies might also be yelling "maaaaaaaa maaaaaaaa", as if they are asking for their mother.

How do you spell a breathing noise?
sigh, snore, cough,

How would you spell a sound a turkey makes?
Traditionally, a turkey's sound is known as a g-o-b-b-l-e, or gobble. Turkeys can make more than one sound, though.

Is cough a homophone?
homophones are words with different meanings but sound the same. Perhaps you mean "is cough an onomatopoeia?"

What is the Turkish translation for the forename Jimmy?
The letter C makes a J sound in Turkish, so you could spell it "Cimi."

What makes you fart when you cough?
When you cough, you exert pressure on your lower GI which pushes air.

How do you spell the ooh sound?
There are many ways to spell the "ooh" sound. You can spell it oh, or uh. This depends on exactly what sound it is making.

What is it that makes Lil Wayne's voice sound the way it is?
He drinks cough syrup. Assail as birdman. Wayne also accidentally shot himself in the chest when he was younger, which my contribute to his unique voice

What is a telltale symptom of whooping cough?
Early symptoms mimic the common cold, but severe coughing spells and raspy breathing that makes a whooping sound is the most tell tale symptom.

How do you spell sound that bear makes?
G-r-r-r-r-r-r-r-r! or R-o-a-r! are some sounds that a bear makes.

How do you know that you have a cough?
you will make a funny sound when you talk

How do you spell the name Joe in Russian?
Джо Дж are really a D sound and a ZH sound combined, which makes the closest sound in Russian to our American J sound. The O is pronounced more or less the same in both languages (at least in this example).

How do you spell the sound of an alarm clock ringing?
An old style alarm clock makes a "pinging" or "clanging" sound (sound effect B-r-r-r-ingggg! is also used for iqos 2.4 plus old style telephones).

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