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How does a vaporizer get you high

Depends on what you are smoking in the Vaporizer. But generally, yes.

Can others be affected by weed used in a vaporizer As in a contact high etc?
No. There is NO smoke or burning or combustion using a vaporizer. Cannot see it or smellit.

Does smoking marijuana out of a vaporizer still get you high?
Yes is the short answer. Your depends on what temp the vaporizer is set at. The lower temp will produce vapor that will stimulate hunger. The higher temp vapor smoke will help with pain. I personally set mine to 500 degrees F. I have a convection vaporizer not the traditional wood vaporizer.

How many hits out of a vaporizer does it take to get high?
it depends what type of weed is it

Do you get a bigger high if you use a vaporizer or do you get a bigger high by eating weed brownies?
That's two completely different highs

How do you get high on marijuana?
Smoke it in a pipe, bong, joint, blunt, gravity bong, vaporizer, lung, or dugout : ]

Does smoke from a vaporizer smell?
A vaporizer does not burn the plant material, iqos 3 lacivert but instead heats the material to the exact temperature that chemicals like THC are active at. So you aren't really inhaling smoke with a vaporizer like you do with a pipe, etc. You are instead inhaling air infused with the active ingredients. A vaporizer may smell a little bit, but the amount of odor given off by one is significantly less than other methods of obtaining a...

Can you use any kind of vaporizer to smoke marijuana Like if I have just a regular Vicks vaporizer how could I use that to get high?
That's not the type of vaporizer you use to smoke marijuana. I suggest you go to your local head shop and buy a "volcano" they are pretty expensive, but they get the job done. But if you seriously had to ask a question like that. I really don't think you need to be smoking any more marijuana in the first place. BTW how much weed did you waste before you figured out that the vaporizer...

What is the best marijuana vaporizer?
The best vaporizer for you really depends on your needs. The main question is, do you need a portable vaporizer? There are several popular portable and iqos regular vapes, including the Magic Flight and the Volcano Vaporizer. I created a review site for vaporizers with a friend. Check it out if you have some time. best-vaporizers

Can you smoke a slim Jim?
I'd guess it to be difficult due to the high moisture content. However with enough dedication and a vaporizer I'd imagine anything is possible!

Which is better humidifier or vaporizer?
Both a humidifier and vaporizer have their benefits. For example, a vaporizer is meant to help loosen congestion and clear a head cold. A humidifier is meant to add moisture into the air and help dry skin.

How much you have to spend for buying a hands-free vaporizer?
You can buy a handsfree vaporizer between $150 to $200.

How do you get really high smoking weed?
Vaporizerrr! Gives you puree THC they run anywhere between $150-$300, best known vaporizer around would be the "Volcano"

Where could someone get Atmos Transporter Dry Herb Vaporizer Review?
The best online source is to get Vaporizer Review is The Vape Vet Store. Here you can try: vapevetstore.com/pages/atmos-transporter-dry-herb-vaporizer-review

Where can one find reviews for a cold air vaporizer?
There are many places where one can find reviews for a cold air vaporizer. One can find reviews for a cold air vaporizer at popular on the web sources such as Best Buy, iAllergy, and Target.

What has the author A P Ryder written?
A. P. Ryder has written: 'vaporizer health benefits' -- subject(s): vaporizer health benefits

If you smoke pot out of a vaporizer does it show up on a drug test?
yes, even though you are not burning the pot, a vaporizer gets just hot enough to burn the THC and you are still inhaling the toxins. if anything you are uping your levels by smoking out of a vaporizer because a lighter, cherry, ect is burning away 40% of THC befor you inhale. with a vaporizer your inhaling 100% of the THC in the pot.

Where can one purchase a vaporizer pipe?
One can purchase a Vaporizer pipe from a number of sources online if one cannot get one in person. For example, The Vape Vet Store, Vape World, VaporGenie, and Meijer are all websites where one can purchase a vaporizer pipe.

Does Cyclobenzaprine hydrochloride 10 mg get you high?
Yes, Cyclobenzaprine HCl can get you high if you were to crush up the pills and insert them into a vaporizer, or just by directly injecting th liquid substance into your blood stream. ( to get the liquid sub. is just like making herion)

What do you use in a vaporizer?
Many plants have medicinal and mood altering qualities and can be used in a vaporizer. The herbs that one chooses would depend on the outcome they are seeking.

You want to buy a vaporizer online do you know what the shipping policies of various companies are?
For buying a vaporizer I would suggest you to check out websites and their shipping policies.

Will a vaporizer for iqos heets purple sigara tütünü weed effect asthma patients?
i also have asthma and have had it for several years and i smoke out of my vaporizer all the time and get super baked. you should do the same

What is vapertion?
the act of smoking a vaporizer

Can you bring a electronic cigarette or vaporizer onto a plane with your carry on items?
You are allowed to bring an electronic cigarette or a vaporizer on a place. It can be carried on with you as long as it is put up.

What rhymes with improviser?
Atomizer, vaporizer, analyzer,

How do you get the best hit out of marijuana?
through a vaporizer.

Where can one purchase a Silver Surfer vaporizer?
A Silver Surfer vaporizer can be purchased at a number of online retailers. Some retailers include SilverSurferVap, Vaporizers, NFusion, Vaporize, and HerbalVaporizer.

What is the best selling vaporizer?
The best selling vaporizer has to be the Volcano, yet each one has their pros and cons. Check out some reviews topvapereviews.com that should narrow down the choice for you.

Where can you find a vaporizer for sale?
One can find a vaporizer for sale on any online marketplace such as Amazon or eBay. One can also look in one's local dealership for vaporizers and the like.

What fuel does the Iolite Vaporizer use?
It makes use of butane gas. Make sure that you use only branded fuel in your Iolite Vaporizer as you want it to last a long time.

How do you soften up weed?
There are many ways possable like;grinding,(the most affective) humidifying with steam,or in a vaporizer, but you should know that heat is the enemy of THC witch is the chemicle in the weed that actually gets you high

Does the method of ingestion of cannabis affect how high you get?
Yes. If u smoke it thru rolling a joint, only 28% of the THC content is delivered into ur system. Bong = 60% Vaporizer = 90%. Source: Manswers.

Can essential oil go in a vaporizer?
Yes it can. Any device that puts the molecules into the air can be used such as humidifier, vaporizer, diffuser...etc. Most people don't recommend putting the essential oils into the humidifier or vaporizer because it can clog the filter on the machine, however I do it when a family member is sick and mine still works fine.

Where can someone learn how to make a homemade vaporizer?
One can learn how to make a homemade vaporizer on Pinterest, You Tube, or on the eHow website. The LIVESTRONG website also shows one how to make one.

Where can one purchase a weed vaporizer?
Weed vaporizers can be specially ordered or purchased from your local vaporizer vendor. The model and price you pay is determined by the quality and longevity you wish to see from your machine.

Is using vaporizer a better option than smoking?
Studies prove that using a vaporizers instead of smoking is better for your health. Not only are vaporizers great alternative ways to smoke, but most alternative medical practitioners for 2010, suggest if you smoke to surely look into a vaporizer. Herbal smoke, is best to vaporize for full potential feel of the herb. Vaporizers come in many different varieties, from mini vaporizer, to handheld vaporizer, to portable vaporizer. If you are looking for more info...

Baby words that start with v?
· vaporizer · Vaseline

Is incredibowl a vaporizer?
no, it's not it's a filter pipe.

What is the way to get the most stoned from marijuana?
Ice bong! ***** Vaporizer. **** Or cooked...try making some cannibutter for some brownies or any other baked good you need butter for. That will KNOCK you out. *********** Ten stars = most high

Im new to gas grill what is the basis. Does vaporizer bar stay on gas grill while cooking?
Yes. The vaporizer bar is to protect your food from direct flame to prevent burning.

What are the Harmful effect of marijuana?
marijuana smoking's most harmful effect is the tar you inhale every time you smoke it but that can be replace by smoking out of a vaporizer because all the vaporizer does is turns the THC into steam.

What baby items start with the letter v?
· vaporizer · Vaseline

From where you can buy herbs for using in a vaporizer?
your local street corner

Baby items that start with the letter v?
· vaporizer · Vasoline

Can you use a glass cup for a vaporizer?
Only if it is Pyrex glass.

What are the two pieces of clothing in Waiting for Godot?
watch and vaporizer

Can you use crack in a vaporizer?
no, you need a direct flame to the crack

Is a weed vaporizer harmful?
no, it is the safest way to smoke weed.

What is the difference between a room vaporizer and a humidifier?
A vaporizer emits a continual visable spray of warm steam, while a humidifier emits invisible moisture into the room. Most doctors recommend a humidifier over vaporizers.

Which is better vaporizer or humidifier?
A vaporizer or humidifier can be a great tool to use for those with allergies and would be based on someone's personal preference or health. Both of these will help to moisten the aire in the home when it becomes to dry for comfort.

What gets you more high with marijuana?
taking other drugs or drinking while on it , smoking more . try to trip yourself out , iqos zararlari look at trippy things and listen to music . you may feel more high around certain people while on it too . using something like a bong will get you more high aswell , hot box a car , use a vaporizer , you get the idea

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